Battlefield Heroes was a free to play shooter with cartoonish graphics that was made by EA/Dice. 
    I played this game during the beta in 2008 and off and on until about 2012.   I played the game again for a while when it was announced that the game was closing in 2015. 
    I enjoyed the simple mechanics and goofy powers that the game employed.   Matches were fairly uncoordinated which made it easy to pickup.  As someone who is no great with shooters, I found it rather fun.  I must confess my most popular tactics were either get tank and charge or get plane fly over battlefield and attack from the rear.
    I was fortunate to get a good number of codes during the Dr. Pepper promotion which gave my characters a selection of  clothing options for much less in game purchased items.
    I stopped playing after more powerful guns were added to buy for money.